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Thermal grease and thermal conductivity of silicone pads can be a good solution to heat problems, thereby reducing the loss of the product, LED lighting and stability of the luminous life of the product is the biggest factor in the chip and heat, LED in the working state of the heat And the ratio of light energy is 8: 2,
Its own ambient temperature and the luminous rate is inversely proportional to the lower the light rate, the higher the temperature, the temperature reached a certain extent will cause damage to the chip!

LED lamp beads produced by the high heat conduction to the aluminum plate, the aluminum plate through the thermal grease or thermal silica gel pad heat transfer to the aluminum heat sink heat, so as to ensure that the LED lamp beads in the long-term use of stability and safety.
Thermal grease and silicone heatsink good thermal conductivity to effectively reduce the contact resistance, improve thermal conductivity

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